What is Man? Key Themes in the Theology of Being Human

Speaker(s): Paul Helm
Date: June 2-8 2014
Length: 11h54min
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Hamlet asked this question, as did the Psalmist long before him. This course will focus on key aspects of theological anthropology (the doctrine of humanity), including the constitution of humankind, our original state and the "lapse" into sin, the bondage of the will, the sense in which humankind is and isn't free, human responsibility, the place of the emotions, the conflicts of the Christian life (including self-deception and temptation) and finally, what it means to be sinless. There is no book that covers this ground, and we shall be looking at treatments from Calvin to Jonathan Edwards. The texts will be considered in class.

Lectures include:

  • Calvin on the Nature of Man:The Understanding and the Will
  • Faculty Psychology; The Reformed Orthodoxy and Puritanism. Freedom and Indifference.
  • The Influence of John Locke
  • Edwards on the Understanding and Will
  • Edwards on the Affections/Emotions

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Paul S. Helm is Teaching Fellow at Regent College. He has served as President of the British Society of the Philiosophy of Religion and authored numerous books including Eternal God: A Study of God without Time and Faith Understanding.

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